Peter Abbs has been exploring the nature of autobiography for some decades. At the moment he is engaged on a project examining the development of the self in western culture. Some early sections of this study have been published in The London Magazine and in Encyclopedia of Life Writing edited by Margaretta Jolly. 

The aim of the project is to understand the self in terms of three inter-related elements: 

changing philosophical conceptions,

evolving metaphors and narratives,

existential habits and regimes. 


Much of the material for analysis is autobiographical but the approach trawls widely. It draws on myth, philosophy, religion, art and ritual. It is hoped that the work, when complete, will constitute an archaeology of the western self. 

In an interview with Dr Robert Graham, Peter Abbs put the positive aspect of this ongoing study as follows:

My hope is that we may be able to house ourselves more fully in our imagination so that we can relate creatively to the historical continuum and that we feel a sense of solidarity with that, not alienation. Then we can find our own story within that larger collection of stories. In a similar way, I would hope that we can place ourselves imaginatively inside Nature and see it as part of us and us as part of it, reflecting it back at a higher level. I'm talking about the deep reclamation of historical and ecological dimensions in the arts, in education and in society at large. (The Polemics of Imagination).

Chapter from the Story of the Self (click to view):

Confessing to a Murder; The Crisis of Faith and Identity in the Nineteenth Century from the London Magazine Dec 2011/ Jan 2012


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